HWCNY Law Enforcement Badges and Emblems

Shop for the most important law enforcement credentials – badges and emblems. Are you shopping for the official badges or emblems? Be it for Undercover Investigation Department, Naval Criminal Investigation, Marine Corps Investigation, or Federal law enforcement department, the right badges, emblems and other credentials are quite crucial to fulfill any profession, especially the job relating to security.

Likewise, any agency pride themselves on their professionalism, law enforcement is not an exception to it. Even these agencies have certain high standards, and people who serve the enforcement need to obey the law. Badges are treated to be very secure items, so solution to eradicate fraudulentness problem is very simple – buy legitimate badges with us.

With the fraudulent credentials and badges increasing everyday on the market, it is absolutely necessary to check whether the credentials you’re buying for security professionals is legitimate or not. You are worry-free shopping with us. How? We deal with a plethora of collections, which are perfectly a legitimate source to buy any kind of personal security badges, black mourning badge, corps emblems and personalized badges as well.

HWC, the largest e-retailer and distributor of police safety equipment and uniform fabrics is an authorized provider of official badges and items. Anybody who is serving the law enforcement and other security agencies need to look after various considerations before trying to buy.

So what do you want, just a badge or a legitimate badge that represents you as the bravest of the brave? Contact us, if you would like to buy official badges at affordable prizes.

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Men’s Commando Sweaters for Law Enforcement Professionals

HMWC Equipment continues to provide comfortable clothing that is perfect to fit different types of work environment, as well as provide casual tops and innovative designed tops for the best of your social idolized fame. For men, HMWC outfits offer a wide range of advantages in the sense of color, shades, design, style, size and of course confined outfits. One such versatile outfit is men’s commando sweater.

The evolution of these sweaters takes back to the 19th century, which is one of the military uniform contributions. These are well-known garments not only worn mostly by the law enforcement professionals but also fashionistas. Overtime commando sweaters have had contributed to current worldwide fashion. It is always easy to get your desired outfit here.

Commando Sweater

           Commando Sweater

The beauty of this garment lies in its versatility. The military sweaters by HMWC are designed so that it can replace a jacket, jumper or a jersey with military sweater. Since this attire doesn’t have to be pulled over the head, it serves for a chilled outdoor weather as well as stylish wear.  Hence this is a useful item that should be in every man’s wardrobe.

You will find comfort in wearing this garment in a variety of temperatures, and seasons – winter, spring or autumn, this definitely adds chic to your fashion sense. This popular piece of clothing is available in two colors – Black and Navy. Made from 100% wool, this upper garment keeps the body warm and ease your comfort levels.

Simply put, it features V-neck that allows you to wear for both professional and non-professional situations. This sweater also features elbow patches, badge tab, adjustable cuffs, shoulder, hook and loop closure epaulets.

This men’s sweater proved adaptable for enforcement professionals as well as anybody in general due to its versatile fashion nature. It is worthwhile to buy this great outfit from HWCNY, because it has men’s commando sweaters available in a variety of styles and colors. Equally you will also find detailed information about this sweatshirt’s color, pattern, knits and materials used. To know more about the best offers, visit the HWCNY

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How Important is Police Gear for a Law Enforcement Officer?

Law Enforcement gear is typically sought after and owned especially by the police in order for the help the gear provides to help from criminals. Without the right gear and tools, the work a police officer is assigned to protect and serve the public goes in vain. Each gear has its own importance and helps a cop in every menace situation.

The most difficult job is that of a police and this is very true. They are bound to meet dangerous criminals and suspects all through their professional career. The danger of working as a cop is always present.
It is very essential to carry required equipments and gear, which would help protect the lives of police officers as well as public. And of course, specific needs or equipment vary according to the cadre and type of duties.

Law Enforcement gearLaw Enforcement gearPolice Gear lists long:

The police gear list includes some important items. A police uniform and badge are very vital items. A hand pistol, baton and pepper spray are also among the top important equipments. Next befalls bullet proof vest, boots, tactical gloves and helmet in the list. Also, handcuffs and restraints are required.
It is very important to know the significance of all the police equipment even by a layman.

Non Lethal Weapons – The alternate protective devices

c2-taser-breakdown1 (1)Baton and pepper spray are the important alternative protection devices. They are nonlethal weapons that mean they don’t leave any long term effects when used on the criminal. They are usually used when force is needed. Pepper spray disables the attackers completely and eases the way of the cop to handcuff them.

Batons also defend a cop and help to diffuse any threatened activity. They are typical sticks made of either wood or steel measuring 24 – 36 inches long. They are also expandable batons that are opened with a simple touch of a button. They can be easily carried on a belt and built in with locking system.

Firearm Accessories – The final alternatives

Police are also required to carry firearm accessories. They are typically trained on the use and maintenance of guns. In cases where criminal is required to be killed, gun is used. Police generally use this as a last resort. Though not used on every suspect, guns are used only if the suspect looks dangerous harming people around.

Restraints are the curbs

Handcuffs and restraints are essential for controlling suspects. They are usually made of metal which are used with suspects’ hands behind their back. They come in two styles i.e. chain and hinged. Chain handcuffs are standard gear used by officers, however hinged ones allow easy fastening.
Other type is nylon restraints, constructed of solid plastic which can be easily fastened around the wrists or ankles. They are easier to carry as these are light in weight.

Flashlights direct the paths

Police FlashlightFlashlights and whistles are also valuable gear for any police officer. The flashlights are required to guide the police in a remote, dark area. Whistles are used to draw attention if needed.
LED police flashlights are the tool of choice in many areas presently. They come with hundreds of hours of light use, indefinite lifespan and convenient switch on/off buttons. There are models which contain LED flashlight along with pepper spray canister and there are even models with strobe light effects. To enhance police weaponry, flashlights are now being providing gun mounting capabilities, laser aiming devices and shotguns hidden in flashlight bodies.

Uniform or Outfit tell the Power

law enforcement UniformsLaw enforcement or police officer’s outfit is designed in such a way so to assist the officer in a dangerous situation. The shirt, pant and badge together called to be mental gear don by the officer create an impact on the criminals that a powerful officer is nearby. They perceive the officer to be a powerful authority.

Headgear, foot gear and vests shield from threat

Police CapHelmets and bulletproof vests are used for protection in highly dangerous situation.  Also tactical gloves, boots of any other protective footwear are very important to a cop. These gears keep the hands, feet and vital organs of the officer sound and protected from glass, projectiles and any dangerous items during an altercation or fight.

Gear bags to carry gears and accessories

Police Gear BagsGear bags are often carried by police and are preserved in their vehicles. This may contain miscellaneous accessories like gloves, sunglasses, hearing protection and knives. It even carries medical aid kits which are needed to administer basic first aid in case the victim is badly hurt.

Badges hold officer’s identification

US Police Badges HolderThough mentioned last, these are not the least. They are law enforcement badges.  These emblems help to identify particular police personnel. It has unique set of numbers which differentiate from one cadre officer to other. They usually come either in star or shield shaped.

Badge Holders and other important gear

Also badge holders, cases and belts are other important police equipments which help police officers to keep their batons, handcuffs, flashlights, badges and other police equipments accessible and organized.
The importance of police equipment cannot be exaggerated. These gears present with the right personnel help them be physically and mentally strong and prepared before anything comes their way. Only a well equipped police can do his/her job perfectly.
In conclusion, the various equipment used by law enforcement or police officers help them in every situation and each gear is instrumental in spotting the subject.

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What are the Right Work Gloves to Protect your Hands

Gloves protect hands from potential damage and they are the most suitable and comprehensive covering for hands. Some occupations demand the work staff to wear gloves so as to guard their hands adequately. There are multiple types of gloves, designed to match the nature of work.

Whether you buy the work gloves or any other gloves, you should consider some factors. They should be comfortable, durable and offer safety to protect you from hand injury. Leather duty gloves may only come in picture when we consider these factors. These are preferred in many working environments as leather is a good insulator.
Work Gloves to Protect your HandsIn extreme temperature work environments, there are double palm leather gloves which can offer protection. These are ideal to wear in work environments of agriculture, industrial pipe fitting, gardening and heavy duty applications.

For protection from cold weathers and keeping your hands warm, cold weather work gloves are preferable as they not only keep warm but are also fashionable. The specialist lined gloves are designed with soft synthetic leather, neoprene wrist and spandex back. The neoprene wrist enables the wrist to stretch back, giving a comfortable stay. The adjustable wrists straps will prevent the cold.

When working with tiny objects, you need to get a fingerless work gloves. They look similar to the normal gloves but with exposed fingers. For instance, when your job demands you to operate the joystick while managing a machine or any other devices, they are helpful.

Likewise, there are traffic gloves made for all types of traffic safety and traffic direction functions. They are needed for anyone who instructs the traffic or needs to be observed while walking on the road. For instance, traffic gloves with stop sign helps to direct vehicles to stop for the pedestrians to cross the road.

HWC is one of the best manufacturers and distributors of work gloves to help the needs of public safety and law enforcement personnel. With the latest technology, their durability and optimization is maximized to a great extent. Here is a wide assortment of cold weather gloves, warm weather gloves, leather duty gloves, neoprene duty gloves, parade gloves, open fingered gloves and traffic gloves.

All needs are catered from work gloves to driving gloves with the wide collection here. Though you cannot protect your hands completely, you can at least minimize the risk of possible damages. Find the appropriate one to keep your hands safe!

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Adequate Leather Badge Holders for I.D Badges

Identification badges are very popular in present day’s workplace with increased security concerns and improved technology. With this, the need for leather badge holders has increased and they keep the various badges in safe manner. Whether it is a law enforcement agency or a small company, working personnel should have their I.D badges at their workplace.

An adequate holder is very much required for an I.D badge. Also you need to consider certain factors when purchasing a badge holder.

There are various badges like metal, plastic, magnetic, etc. They are also present in different sizes; therefore simply buying a leather badge will not be helpful. You should go for a holder that comfortably fits your badge and is also removable whenever necessary.
Leather Badge HoldersLeather badge holders are more popularly available in black leather, but there are some in brown leather also.
Always go for genuine leather. There are also manufacturers who create fake leather products. Though these fake leather badge holders look real they worn down in days to come. When you purchase quality holders from reputed stores or dealers, you can be certain of their durability.

HWC is one such reputed manufacturer and wholesale distributor that distributes quality leather badge holders and all kinds of leather police badge holders. It also offers badge neck chains, badge belt clips, leather badge cases and hidden badge wallets.
leather police badge holders
Leather holders with clips will offer a safe way of attaching the clip to the belt, pant or shirt pockets. This allows an easy access to your badge. Especially in law enforcement department, badge holders with clips are very essential.

There are multiple online stores through which you can find various models and designs.  HWCNY is one such reputed store with its own brands of badges, belts and all kinds of duty gear. You can go through the online site to check the various leather badge holders in terms of price to get the appropriate one for you.

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Salient Features of HWC Duty Belts

At HWCNY, we offer the finest police duty belts industry has to offer. Some of the heavy-duty HWC duty belts are considered best in the online market because of their top quality and durable nature. These duty accessories are available in diverse finishes and materials, including leather, nylon and laminate. We also deal with belt accessories such as belt keepers to facilitate more and compliment the overall look of the wearer.

Police duty belt, which is also known as kit belt or gun belt, is usually designed from leather or nylon to occupy equipment by an on-duty law enforcement officer. The belt is designed specifically to carry handcuffs, nightsticks and other accessories, thereby leaving the hands free to interact.

Duty belts are wrapped around the officer’s waist and fastened with a buckle at the front. These belts are quite often protected by a velcro cover so as to prevent release of the belt by anyone other than the officer.

Reputed manufacturers like HWC are constantly improving their designs, so as to increase the usability and comfort level of the wearer.

Apart from manufacturing designer belts such as transport belt and truckmans belt, they also manufacture related accessories, such as the belt keepers, belt suspenders, fasteners etc. for better convenience of the officers.

Police Duty BeltsBelt Keepers
Earlier, belts used to sag whenever an officer was engaged in any physical activity. To eliminate this discomfort and to give a better firm look, HWC duty belts have been greatly evolved over the years. They are now available with belt keepers, which are wrapped around the sash so as to keep the belt in place. The keeper helps the belt remain still even when the officer is engaged in any physical activity or taking something from the waist.

Belt Suspenders
The HWC suspenders enable the user to engage a portion of weight of the belt onto the shoulders thereby reducing the weight imposed on the backbone because of the various equipment. The suspenders also cut down the pressure exerted on the stomach and waist region. Manufacturers like HWC have enabled easy release clip-on ties so as to eliminate the risk of injury to the officer.

Fasteners are the only accessories in a sash which frequently change with the time. Even when looking for standard belt, people always check-out for fasteners and choose to buy which fascinates them. Plastic buckles are more commonly preferred over the traditional metal buckles in duty belts and also three way buckles are more commonly seen. The shoulder strap sliding dee ring is also seen in some heavy duty belts.

The police duty belts are carefully designed so as to conveniently occupy various equipment such as handcuffs, radios, batons, protection devices such as pepper spray, CS spray, ammunition, firearms, pens, keys, flashlights and TASER.

The HWC duty belts are quite often seen with baton holder, specially designed for officers who’ve collapsible or fixed batons. For straight and side-handle night sticks, a ring is used to keep the baton in place. These are usually flexible, but a fixed baton has to be removed before sitting in a patrol vehicle.

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Cocobolo Night Sticks: A Pragmatic Security Accessory for Every Sheriff

The police nightstick traces back to London in the early 18th century, when police officers used to hold wooden batons known as truncheons or billy clubs. The hardwood sticks such as the cocobolo night sticks are one of the most essential equipment of a cop to create fear among the law breakers.

By the end of 18th century, this wooden piece of security weapon was seen in America and other continents as well. Today, this ASP baton has hugely evolved and are available in various designs such as straight sticks, short sticks, blackjacks, collapsible batons and handle batons as well.

The police department in US comprises of various agencies at different levels for every state. The federal police, the state police, the county police, the Sheriff’s offices and other agencies altogether make one of the largest law enforcement groups in the world. This obviously signifies thousands of millions of officers employed in various sectors and regions.

Over the years, several companies have come up, manufacturing all sorts of security items and accessories to supply this mammoth group.

HWC, ASP, Damascus, MagLite etc. are some of the best known brands in the country, which have been serving this law enforcement group over the years. These brands are efficient in manufacturing top-notch high quality accessories, specially designed for the cops and sheriffs.

Cocobolo Nightsticks
Heavy-duty items such as cocobolo nightsticks are greatly appreciated by the police officers because of their sturdy nature and effective and superb finish.

These heavier sticks are carefully made from an extremely fine grain South American hardwood known as Cocobolo and measure up to 26″ and 1-1/4″ diameter.

Although these nightsticks are greatly evolved, but they generally feature standard parts, although a slight variance can be seen in terms of materials and added features. These include:

The handle of the ASP baton is located just a few inches from the end of the stick and is wrapped up with a rubber grip. This grip is molded into a handle, which ensures a firm grasp. The grips of the handle are available in various designs such as billy club, finger lock, flute, tough boy and grenade grip.

The shaft is usually located in the middle of the cocobolo night stick and is used to hit, block, jab or defend. This part is usually made up of steel, metal, wood or nylon. The length of the shaft normally ranges between 5 and 16″.

The strap is located just below the handle and is attached to the base.It is usually made up of leather or any other material that is easy on the skin. It helps prevent the baton from slipping during use and is placed around the wrist for convenient access.
ASP Baton CapsBaton Caps
The added features such as the ASP baton caps are sometimes offered by the manufacturer for a better look and for sake of branding as well.

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Gear Bags for Hassle-Free Duty

Police and law enforcement jobs are full of dangers and risks. Police and public safety personnel undertake the job well knowing the risk of being killed and injured. Police officers are required to win every battle so as to save public and for that, they need to take measures to protect themselves.
police patrol duty bagNot only weapons are required, but an officer needs to be well equipped with various other gears as well. Here comes the use of police patrol duty bags and law enforcement duty bags. These duty bags help to carry the equipments needed for field duties.

Gear bags are used to carry apparels, duty and garrison belts, baton holders, badges, chemical spray carriers, eye wear, clipboards, handcuff cases, knives, holsters, phone and radio holders. They may also carry many other safety equipment and organizers. Each of these equipments has their own importance in helping the police and law enforcement personnel carry their duties.
mission specific gear bagHWC is a wholesale distributor of law enforcement and public safety equipment. It is also well versed in offering high quality gear bags. Designed for active personnel, they help to serve the high needs during duty.
Mission specific gear bag is useful for carrying SWAT or riot gear and has a separate helmet compartment. Its quality construction features 1000 denier, water-resistant Cordura nylon, removable nylon web shoulder strap and heavy duty zippers.

This water-resistant mission specific gear bag has 3 zippered cargo pockets and 2 zippered mesh pockets exterior to hold variety of gear. The hook and loop straps on the padded area is helpful to secure a flashlight or baton.

Hatch patrol duty bags are another perfect kind of police patrol duty bag. They are highest quality gear bags in terms of material construction and durability. Constructed with 840 denier, water-resistant nylon and PVC backing, this duty bag features heavy-duty zippers and removable shoulder strap.

It has an adjustable divider, a rigid bottom, two cargo pockets, several small pockets and padded strap to hold a flashlight or baton.

Not only duty gear, you will find a wide assortment of police equipments at HWC. The multiple duty gear supplies served here are batons, duty belts, handcuffs, restraints, wallets, holders, nightsticks, protective gear, shoulder straps, whistles and many more.

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Importance of Various Vehicle Lights during Emergencies

Emergency vehicle lights are the top among the list when it comes to emergency equipment. They are very essential, be it in case of ambulance, fire truck or police vehicles, to perform duties in an effective and safe manner. The use of vehicle lights is not only required for the emergency vehicle to arrive to the destination, but also to warn other commuters to respond to the emergency condition.

There are various styles of emergency vehicle lights but, all of them serve the same purpose to alert people on the approaching vehicle. Most companies and police departments in this present day choose to have LED dash lights.
teardrop halogen dash lightThe Hot shot Vehicle Light is one of the most compact, portable emergency lights available today. The highly polished rotating reflector gives 90 flashes per minute. It features vinyl shield, lighter plug adapter and a 60 lb magnet mounting plate. The lights are available in colors of red, amber, blue, green and clear.

There is also reflector for dash light available separately designed for hotshot lights. They add extra visibility to the light by adding four additional flashes. It features a built in cover that shields the drivers’ eyes. These lights are also available in colors of red, amber, blue, green and clear.
strobe mini bar dash lightTear Drop Halogen Dash Light is popular for volunteer firefighter and unmarked police vehicles. It has a gear driven reflector that rotates at 90 flashes per minute around a center set halogen bulb.  It features a vinyl eye shield, 17 lb magnet, mounting base and cigarette plug adapter. This emergency light is available in colors of amber, blue red.

Strobe lights are other type of emergency vehicle lights with multiple types of uses. They are used for production of regular flashes of lights. They are used in scientific research centers, recreation clubs because of their functional ability to flash many a times. Administrative sectors also use these lights for law enforcement vehicles.
hot shot vehicle lightThere is one such Strobe Mini Bar Dash Light available in permanent or magnetic mounts. This dual level, random flash strobe head projects light 360 degrees. It features dual 15 joule quad flash strobes with 2 “V” mirrors, four 50 lb magnet mount and 12v lighting plug cord. The inner lenses are clear and the dome is available in colors of red, blue and amber.

There are many other emergency vehicle lights available at HWC stores, the manufacturers and wholesale distributors. The various dash lights, rotating lights, strobe mini lights and halogen lights are available in selected colors and all these supply a 12v DC power that can also act as a cigarette plug adapter.

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Streamlight Battery Sticks give Brighter Light for Longer

Streamlight Battery Stick

You can depend on the endurance of Streamlight battery sticks during emergencies. So make sure you have a good stock of replacements handy for your job or for emergencies. The outstanding features of these batteries are they give up to 1,000 hours of battery life and are rechargeable up to 1,000 times. These battery sticks should be kept away from moisture.

Click here to view and buy these products.

About Streamlight
Streamlight is a world class brand based in Eagleville, Pennsylvania and is famous for making the best quality portable lighting products in the market. Streamlight products are used by officers in the law enforcement, fire/rescue and military fields. The company also supplies to the industrial, sporting goods and auto/hardware markets. Its gadgets have been showcased on the popular television shows Rescue Me and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Streamlight is the proud owner of more than 100 US and foreign patents and trademarks.

If you’d like to learn more about these items or are interested in purchasing any other products, please call HWC at 866-332-1899 or visit the company website.

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